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Sado-Group have made the major breakthroughs for nearly 25 years of development history of building glass industry. Posted by admin, January 12,2015

On April 17, 1990 the first glass square meter in Vietnam was pulled up out of the surface of the glass tank in the delight of people. Beyond controversy, although vertically drawing glass DapCau were always improved, they could not be beyond the level of the vertically drawing glass.  Known as the flat glass but it was still wavy with the defects of small foam. At that time, glass DapCau was of quality higher than Chinese glass imported into Vietnam. Seven years later, float glass VFG- a product of joint venture cooperation between Viglacera and Nippon sheet glass- Japan which was launched from that on. The high class glass VFG has made the vertically drawing glass which was renowned a time must adjust the technology. Until now, float glass technology drawn on the heated tin surface is still the world top technology, but its products are more diversified. Just for example Vietnam and region has enough grounds for the diversification.

A corner of glass factory Sado

Since the glass DapCau and the float glass VFG were launched in the market, the technology of end glass product has just started to develop. The glassmaking factories only manufactured the flat glass, and the end glass companies then convert them into hundreds and thousands of various glass products

The highlights in the end glass technology are the safety glassmaking technology, that itself includes two types of glass products as laminated glass and tempered glass.

In order to cope with the harsh tropical climate, the insulated glass product was born. The insulated glass is the top technology product which withstands not only the nature’s harshest elements, but noise insulation, thermal resistance, sound proofing, and prevents fogging glass surface from water vapor. It composes of two or more glass panes separated by spacers filled with desiccants, and inert gas. Sheet glass is input material for the high technologies such as reflective glass, low-E glass, coated glass, art glass, mirror glass. Fabricated glass configures various types of glass products such as glass chair, glass table, glass stair, and ex-interior décor.

Presently, Vietnam has glass production factories such as float glass VFG in Que Vo, Bac Ninh, then float glass VIFG of Viglacera in Binh Duong, and float glass Chu Lai in Quang Nam. With the total capacity of about 180 million square meters per year, Vietnam will supply enough for domestic construction demand and even beyond to export to many countries in the world. Therefore, the glass industry has increasingly become stronger and larger. So far, there are nearly 500 safety glassmakers nationwide .The white sand material source with large reserves and high quality are advantages to attract investors locally and globally.

Float glass production technology VFG could be considered as the first turning point in the glass production industry in Vietnam, the international calibre technology at that time. The spectacular changes are recorded as ultra-slim glass, super clear glass, and super flat glass production factories established by Japanese Nippon Glass located in Vungtau. This is the type of glass with high economic value, mainly made of solar energy battery and other products serving the information technology.

However, as well as other building sectors, for the past many years Vietnamese building glass has always considered the import of superior glass such as low-E glass, coated glass, tempered glass with the various purposes as the only path serving the high-rise buildings. Meanwhile the export glass of Vietnam is mostly raw material glass with low economic value.

Heat-Soak-Test-Oven ensures that the glass will fail to break naturally after being installed.

Seemingly that the loser is destiny, then suddenly Sado Group has brought a breath of fresh air by setting up a Souteast Asia large -scale factory. It is not only large - size scale with diversified products but high-tech level, which is comparable to the most modern production lines in Europe. The equipment is invested in sync, selected from the world leading manufacturers. All the stages are completely automatic. Sado glass products have satisfied the domestic superior construction demand. Moreover, Sado glass products with word “made in Vietnam” are exported to countries such as the Federal Republic of Germany and Japan, instead of exporting raw material glass that many domestic units are carrying out.

Ceramic printed glass production lines


Aluminum windows, doors, and facades production lines

Looking back the development progress of Vietnam glass industry after nearly 25 years, we will see the great endeavor of entrepreneurs and businesses that have overcome the ups and downs. Investment into different building material sectors are very difficult, and Vietnam building glass industry has passed the most challenging stages, even at times being on the horns of dilemma. Its current stage is relatively favourable, but the difficulties and potential risks are very numerous. And, the valuable lesson is here that must be of value of the technology.  Investment into high-tech and advanced technology is the most judicious path. Technology innovation and product diversification are regular business of Vietnam glass industry.