About Us

      The more technology has developed, the more people desire to have a living space which is comfortable, luxurious and harmony with nature. However, the recent extreme weather phenomena such as record–breaking heat waves, superstorms, excessively cold weather and unusual snow falls in many regions in the world have warned humans about the natural changes. The Climate change has been bringing a dramatic transformation to social and economic life on Earth. In November 2013, the super typhoon Haiyan, one of the strongest storms recorded on the planet, smashed into the Philippines and left a huge scale of death and severe damage to housing and public infrastructure. The United States was currently coping with a record cold spell created by snow storms and polar vortex which plummeted the temperature to -57°C. The extremely freezing temperatures made serious impacts on the American lives. In the last months of 2013, humans were deeply concerned about the unusual snow falls in Egypt, Jerusalem and Sapa (Vietnam) while the average temperature in some European countries was just 15°C in the coldest months of the winter. All the examples mentioned above are obvious evidences for immensurable consequences of climate change on human life. For this reason, a lot of countries worldwide including Vietnam have been building effective strategies for sustainable urban development to create a clean living environment, bring people closer to nature and develop “a green life” together.

      As one of the ten countries worst hit by climate change, Vietnam is giving special focus on developing and applying environmentally friendly materials for the field of architecture and construction to reduce “Greenhouse gases” and global warming. The growth of superior glass and their flexible applications in construction and architecture have enhanced the aesthetics and functions of modern buildings. Expanding space for the houses, escaping the boundaries of the brickwalls, drawing on the surrounding natural landscape and taking advantage of natural light are modern trends in architecture. Glass facades not only serve aesthetic purposes but also fulfill larger requirements for houses such as security, sound insulation, thermal insulation and durability. Therefore, we can prove to the world that Vietnam is both friendly to the environment and responsible for responding to climate change.

      Superior glass products not only bring a peaceful and elegant living space to human life but also reduce negative impact on environment and save natural resources. Moreover, safety glass products as tempered glass, laminated glass and insulated glass help humans to reduce the severe effects of natural disasters such as earthquakes, storms and freezing rain, etc. For example, the massive shock waves from Russian meteor explosion shattered glass in 3,000 buildings, injured nearly 1,200 people and caused millions of US dollars worth of damage. The majority of the injured were reportedly hurt by sharp fragments of flying glass which were not tempered or laminated. Safety tempered glass is very difficult to break and it shatters into small and harmless pebbles when broken, thus avoiding hurting people. If laminated glass is broken by accident, the glass will remain integral in its frame. The PVB interlayer will hold the fragments together and this will cause little hurt to people and other objects.

      Vietnam has tropical monsoon type of climate; therefore, the construction glass should be suitably used to maximize their benefits. Designers have to master the knowledge about climate condition so as to use glass effectively to avoid irremediable consequences. For example, a new London skyscraper called the Walkie-Talkie has been blamed for reflecting light which melted parts of a car parked on a nearby street because it was not rigorously calculated technical parameters. Façade of the building acts as a giant concave mirror reflecting a very hot and concentrated beam downward toward the street and makes the temperature around the building increase rapidly. The heat and light reflected from the building has made serious impacts on people living and working around the building. SADO GROUP always makes great efforts to transfer knowledge about superior glass products to customers exactly and adequately. We also provide consultancy for practical application of advanced glass products in the most effective way to help customers keep a balance between product quality and cost investment.

      In order to contribute to the development of “Green architecture – Green environment” and provide superior glass products replacing imported glass nationwide, SADO GROUP built two modern factories which are responsible for processing glass and aluminium products. They are considered as the most modern factories in Vietnam and the world’s leading factory. The machines and production lines were transferred from world-renowned corporations such as LiSEC, Glaston, Benteler, Dip-Tech, Tmb and RAPID. The production process is automatically operated by the management software provided by LiSEC and KLAES. In addition, SADO GROUP has equipped modern instruments for laboratories and quality control rooms to develop new products and test the quality of materials and finished products.

      Possessing advanced machines, SADO GROUP is proud to be the top Vietnamese company manufacturing a wide variety of superior glass products such as tempered glass, laminated glass, insulated glass, ceramic printed glass and interior – exterior decorative glass. Moreover, SADO GROUP is also the first manufacturer in Vietnam to produce laminated glass, tempered glass and insulated glass with jumbo size (from 2900 x 5200 mm to 3300 x 6000 mm). The company adheres strictly to the principles of superior glass processing under European standards. Our products always gain the most outstanding quality and features. For example, tempered glass has to pass the Heat – Soak Test in order that it will not break naturally after being assembled into structures. In respect of double and triple glazing, aluminium spacer bars have to be filled with desiccants, high purity Argon gas or other special inert gases to maximize sound and thermal insulation. With regard to aluminium products, SADO GROUP imported the state-of-the-art aluminium production line from RAPID to process smart and environmentally friendly products such as doors, windows, partitions and facades for high-rise buildings. Thanks to the high capacity machineries, SADO GROUP is proud of manufacturing maximal types of glass which meet the urgent demand of large-scale construction projects and are exported to Europe, The United States, Australia, etc. All of the products meet international standards and the best warranty policy.

      In addition, SADO GROUP has recuited highly qualified employees who have contributed to the manufacturing process of high-quality products. Especially, skillful engineers and workers of SADO GROUP were sent to top glass manufacturers in Germany, Austria and Finland for practical training.

      With the slogan “The Top Technology – The high living standards”, SADO GROUP commits to providing customers with the most superior glass products in terms of outstanding quality and features. Our products guarantee an ideal living space, a reduction in “Greenhouse gases” and the prevention of climate change.