In order to manage advanced production lines and company resources including highly qualified employees, time and financial funds effectively, SADO GROUP has invested in the most advanced system of management software from world’s leading glass and aluminium manufacturers such as LISEC, Klaes, Dip-Tech, Benteler, Glaston and RAPID. The system of IT hardware was properly invested due to great efforts of local experts in combination with consultancy as well as practical installation at SADO GROUP’s headquarter of senior experts from renowned European corporations. The system ensures high processing speed, stability, scalability and upgrade in the future. As a consequence, this top software system totally complies with plans and strategies of SADO GROUP.

SADO GROUP is fully aware of the importance of knowledge and know-how in economic industrialization and modernization in innovation stage; therefore, we invested in the most modern systems and recruited highly qualified IT staff. They was sent to famous corporations in Europe to undergo practical training courses and learn how to use IT systems effectively as well as prepare for developing specific systems for SADO GROUP and glass industry in Vietnam in the near future.

IT system consists of hardware system and control software system provided by world’s leading corporations.

Hardware system

The hardware system which is similar to computer system models in other companies was installed by IT engineers of SADO GROUP as well as consultancy and support of experts from LiSEC, Klaes, Dip-Tech, Beteler and Glaston. The system of network and computers is divided into layers which fulfill different functions.

o Layer 1: includes equipments which are between the company’s internal network and the internet. The equipments comprise a hardware firewall, a software firewall and a modem provided by internet supplier. The layer provides a secure and controlled connection between the company’s internal IT system and external internet.

o Layer 2: consists of a coreswitch, sub-switches, an optical-electric converter and a wifi transmitter. The layer ensures a fast and stable network connection to every point in the company.

o Layer 3: includes endpoints of the network as servers, workstations, printers, and personal computers. These equipments process all the information to ensure smooth and stable operation of SADO GROUP.

Software System

1. LiSEC’s software system

The system comprises two main parts:
- Part 1: The LiSEC’s system enables SADO GROUP to manage orders and production process.

SADO GROUP invested in LiSEC’s Enterprise Resource Planning - ERP software system to focus on applying the most advanced IT equipments in operating and managing our factory. Part 1 is considered as an ERP which has been built and developed for 20 years by LiSEC’s programmers. The system is used for both LiSEC and other glass manufacturers. Consequently, it is suitable for particular requirements of customers in managing enterprise resources and stability during using process.

This part consists of GPS.Order and GPS.Prod softwares. In GPS.Order software, the information about quotes, orders, delivery orders, types of glass, suppliers, customers, prices, etc. is typed and processed in the server and the LiSEC’s computers system. In GPS.Prod software, information about orders is automatically transferred to production control machines. The information about product systems is continuously updated by GPS.Prod software. ERP systems ensure a good management of production and business for manufacturing glass products.

- Part 2: LiSEC’s software system is used to control SADO GROUP’s machinery.

All of the LiSEC’s machines have their own equivalent control software. The server transfers information about production to the machines via network. The operators use the information to maintain the stability of the products.

The server provided by LiSEC guarantees synchronous operation in the factory. The system has been built and developed for many decades. It is the result of research and development of hardware and software (production lines) and compatible with most of the lines provided by famous corporations around the world. The stability, optimization, focusing management and further expansion in the future are characteristics of the control software system. The staff that uses and carries out the maintenance of software systems was sent to LiSEC’s headquarters in Austria to receive technology transfer and practical overseas training in the top European glass manufacturers.

2.Software system of Klaes

SADO GROUP provides not only a wide range of glass products but also superior aluminium products as doors, windows, partitions and facades. The software which manages the production and business for processing aluminium products was imported from Klaes, the famous German software supplier for ERP system. This software is the result of a great cooperation among Klaes, glass manufacturers in Europe and famous companies which supply production lines for different types of frames as aluminium, wood, etc. The system is compatible with profile systems and production systems. It enables users to type data for profile system, manage orders and calculate prices and production cost. Then the software transfers information to the production system. Profiles are exactly cut by RAPID’s state-of-the-art CNC machine (Germany). The line is capable of processing 1000 products with the same quality and technical information. The software calculates the parameters under German standards and provides reliable information about product quality. The staff that manages the software was sent to training center of Klaes in Germany to approach effective methods of using the software system and receive technical transfer.