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Sado Group -Leader in High-grade Glass, Aluminium Glass in Vietnam
Posted by admin, May 11,2016
Against the backdrop of strong economic movement of Vietnam and the world, glass is becoming a popular material in the central treadmill of construction works. Adopting innovative thinking, challenging difficulties and grasping new trends, Sado Group has become the first brand in Vietnam to have a world-standard glass and aluminium glass production factory, which is situated in Tam Phuoc Indust... Read more

Vietnamese business in Germany has great investment in Vietnam
Posted by admin, January 08,2016
Mr. Nguyen Cong Chinh is a Vietnamese engineer in Germany and an entrepreneur who always struggles to bring German technologies in glass product processing into Vietnam. At a warm meeting in early New Year, Mr.Nguyen Cong Chinh sincerely shares thoughts and his aspirations at Vietnam Business Association’s office in Germany. SADO GROUP’s Chairman- Mr. Nguyen Cong Chinh speaks about their pr... Read more

Chairman of Central Committee of Vietnam Fatherland Front Nguyen Thien Nhan ...
Posted by admin, July 01,2015
Implementation of the program of foreign affairs of Central Committee Vietnam Fatherland Front (CCVFF) in 2015, from 28-6 to 3-7, Politburo member, the Chairman of (CCVFF)   –Mr. Nguyen Thien Nhan has headed a superior delegation of (CCVFF)   in the visit to the Federal Republic of Germany and the Republic of Italy .  Besides the meeting also welcomed representatives from the Central Economic C... Read more

Sado-Group have made the major breakthroughs for nearly 25 years of developm...
Posted by admin, January 12,2015
On April 17, 1990 the first glass square meter in Vietnam was pulled up out of the surface of the glass tank in the delight of people. Beyond controversy, although vertically drawing glass DapCau were always improved, they could not be beyond the level of the vertically drawing glass.  Known as the flat glass but it was still wavy with the defects of small foam. At that time, glass DapCau was o... Read more

Posted by admin, January 01,2015
There is an increased demand for beautiful and durable structures and buildings as Vietnam’s economy is developing, Vietnamese people are becoming more and more civilized and modernization is growing rapidly. In a effort to meet the customers’ needs, contribute to the sustainable development of the country with “green architecture and a green environment” and supply high quanlity glass for th... Read more

Posted by admin, December 31,2014
On the occasion of the Western New Year 2015, we, Sado-Group  wish our customers and partners a new year of Health, Happiness, Luck, and Prosperity. 2014, a year of full difficulties and challenges is not only for the glass industry, but for other industries. However, the trust and support of customers to our glass and aluminum products have helped us have more the motivation to overcome diff... Read more

SADO GROUP received Processing Glass Certificate of SAINT-GOBAIN GLASS
Posted by admin, October 20,2014
With modern equipment and production lines were transferred from world-renowned corporations such as LiSEC, Glaston, Benteler, Dip-Tech, Tmb, RAPID. The production process is automatically operated by the management software provided by LiSEC, KLAES. On Aug 30 2014, SADO GROUP officially received Glass processing Certificate of SAINT-GOBAIN GLASS. SAINT-GOBAIN GLASS is known as the world’s ... Read more

Posted by admin, October 10,2014
SADO GROUP is a modern glass processing in Vietnam that meets European and German standards. Although the factory officially operated in March 2014, with effort of all elite leaders and qualified staffs, SADO GROUP has initially gained some achievements. This is the big encouragement and motivation for our company to do our best to become the top enterprise in Vietnam as well as on over the w... Read more

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