Aluminium doors

a. Features

+ Slim frames compliant with modern architectural styles and ensure high aesthetic value and elegance;
+ Versatile designs to meet specific customer’s need and demands;
+ Easy to install and reliable to operate and maintenance;
+ High thermal insulation and soundproofing;
+ Strong, durable and excellent weather-proofing;
+ Difficult to rust or warp;
+ Light load and high air sealing ability.

b. Components

+ Aluminium profile bars (frame, sash) were imported from leading manufacturers as SCHUECO, Akotherm (Germany), etc.
+ EPDM gaskets enable air tightness (were synchronously imported with the aluminium profiles).
+ Glass sheets of SADO GROUP (safety glass, tempered glass, insulated glass, etc.)
+ Synchronous hardware system includes specialized locks, multiple-point locking, and handles synchronously imported from SCHUECO or other famous European suppliers as ROTO, GU, BKS, etc.

c. Applications

+ The modernity, elegance and flexible use of aluminium doors make them become smart choices for a range of applications including: villas, office buildings, apartments.
+ A wide range of colors (white, black, gray, alloy color, etc.)
+ The aluminium door can be open with 1 sash, 2 sashes or in connection with sliding doors or partitions and panorama. The doors can be opened inward and outward.