Aluminium facades

a. Features

+ Aluminium facades are used for high-tech architecture such as office buildings, shopping centers, high-rise buildings, etc.
+ Compliant with European standards for thermal insulation, sound reduction, air tightness (water-proofing, air-proofing and wind-proofing) and light transmission.
+ Versatile colors and designs match modern architectural styles.
+ Easy to install and reliable to operate.
+ Light load, high strength and durability.
+ Economic benefits: saving energy and running costs for maintenance.
+ Creating a comfortable environment and bringing people closer to nature.
+ High aesthetics – expanding living space and create general view for the room.
+ Suitable for different weather conditions and ensuring excellent UV control.

b. Components

+ Aluminium profile bars (frame, sash) were imported from leading manufacturers as SCHUECO, Akotherm (Germany), etc.
+ EPDM gaskets enable air sealing ability (were synchronously imported with the aluminium profiles.
+ Glass sheets of SADO GROUP (safety glass, tempered glass, insulated glass, etc.)

c. Applications

+ Ideal for hi-tech architectural projects such as:
      * Office buildings, shopping centers, high buildings
      * Colleges, universities, hospitals and hotels
+ Suitable for office partitions which help to create a comfortable and relaxing atmosphere.

d. Classification


Stick curtain walls are processed, manufactured at factory and assembled, installed and completed at site. This kind of curtain wall can be used for certain types of surface buildings and especially suitable for sophisticated and multiple joint structure architecture.

- Advantages

+ Waterproofing
+ Easy for transportation
+ Allows constructing projects with high complexity, such as inhomogeneous and complex surfaces.

- Disadvantages

+ The installation at site is complicated and time consuming.
+ The quality control at site is more difficult.
+ The installation needs conducting by well-qualified staff and engineers at site.
+ Warehouse area at site is required to be large to store manage materials during the construction process.


Unitized curtain walls are manufactured, processed and completed into panels in factory, and then they are transported to construction works for final installation. Unitized curtain walls are ideal for buildings which have homogeneous façade and stories with the same height.

- Advantages

+ Ensuring waterproofing and high aesthetic values thanks to its homogeneous surface.
+ Quick installation ensure installation programmes of urgent projects.
+ Excellent stability and strength.
+ High thermal insulation and soundproofing and maximum air tightness.
+ Expanding living space and improving general view for the building.

- Disadvantages

- The Unitized system has higher price than Stick systems.
- The installation must be carried out by skillful staff.
- The module transportation to the site is more complicated.