Insulated glass (Advanced Technology – Prior Choice)

Advanced technology:

Insulated glass of SADO GROUP is manufactured by modern production line provided by LiSEC. Materials for processing glass such as desiccants, butyl, polysulfide, silicone and aluminium spacer bars meets European quality standards. Our insulated glass consists of two or more layers of glass separated by an aluminum spacer filled with desiccants inside. The edges are sealed to create a dead air space between the layers. The insulated glass of SADO GROUP offers higher thermal and sound insulation because it is filled with the high purity Argon gas.

Prior choice

- Our insulated glass becomes the prior choice for customers basing on the following excellent features:

+ High sound proofing: insulated glass can significantly reduce exterior noise and provides a comfortable environment for occupants;
+ Excellent thermal insulation: insulated glass dramatically reduces thermal transfer as well as the amount of heat loss, hence helping to save energy for cooling and heating system. For this reason, houses and offices remain cool in summer and warm in winter;
+ Anti-water condensation: Argon filled insulated glass reduces water condensation when there is big temperature difference;
+ High light transmittance: maintains the high light transmission levels, hence reducing capital and running costs cost for lighting system.

- Our Insulated glass is the best choice for every architectural and structural projects, particularly specialist applications where the soundproof and thermal insulation are required, such as:

+ Airports and buildings near highways and railways;
+ Office buildings, hotels, hospital and houses
+ Partitions for recording rooms in radio station, television station and other recording studios;
+ Waiting rooms and air traffic control centers at the airport
+ Side glass for buses, trains, ships.

Quality standards: European standards, German standards

Technical Information:

Total glass thickness 12 - 60 mm
Air space thickness 6mm, 9mm, 12mm, 15mm, 19mm, 24mm
Maximal size 2900 x 5200 mm
Minimal size 180 x 350 mm
SADO GROUP’s Insulated Glass Range:
High-quality double and triple glazings are made from float glass, tempered glass, ceramic printed glass, laminated glass, Low – E glass and light reflective glass.
Special insulating glass units with up to 3 steps and gas-filled units (stepped units) for specialist applications.