Tempered glass (Absolute quality – perfect solution)

Absolute quality:

Tempered glass of SADO GROUP is made from high-quality float glass that reaches European standards. The glass is heated till its softening point in Glaston’s furnace, and then rapidly cooled by simultaneous blast of air.

After being toughened, the glass is subjected to be heated within a definite time between 4 to 8 hours eliminate unqualified glass. The glass meets European standards if it is heated in the oven for 4 hours and reaches German standards if it is hold in the oven for 8 hours.

Perfect solution:

- Tempered glass of SADO GROUP is a perfect solution for customers because of its outstanding features such as:
+ Safety: tempered glass is very difficult to break. When it breaks, it tends to crack into tiny pieces rather than into large, sharp fragments reducing risk of serious injury;

+ High strength: It is four to five times stronger than annealed glass of similar thickness, size and type;
+ Thermal shock control: tempered glass can withstand high temperature changes up to 200°C;
+ Durability: It is difficult to be scratched or broken. In some cases, tempered glass can withstand vibration, strong winds and strikes, thus ensuring long –term durability and safety for users.

- Moreover, our tempered glass products suit every buildings styles and modern architectural designs. They are perfect solutions for applications that require durability and high strength as:
+ Skylights, partitions, balcony banisters, tub enclosures;
+ Windows, doors, facades for office buildings and public buildings
+ Side windows of automobiles, trains and ships.

Quality standards: European standards, German standards

Technical Information:

Minimal size 100 x 250 mm
Maximal size 2900 x 5200 mm
Thickness 4-19 mm
Types Clear glass, Colored glass
Reflective glass, Heat reflective glass
Low-E glass
Digital ceramic printed glass