Aiming to bring customers a modern living space in combination with superior glass products, SADO GROUP has made a synchronous investment in high- quality materials, top production lines and stringent product testing. The superior glass products of SADO GROUP meet German’s quality standards, thus they are perfect replacements for imported glass products in Vietnam. Moreover, our products are exported to the most demanding markets such as Australia, The United States, European countries, etc. Products of SADO GROUP always meet the highest requirements for all projects and give customers complete satisfaction of their high-quality and perfect features.

In addition, SADO GROUP commits ourselves to provide the glass products passed the quality testing process. The products maintain long-term durability and a 10-year warranty.

Tempered glass (Absolute quality – perfect solution)
Laminated glass (Outstanding quality – safe solution)
Digital ceramic printed glass (Technological Breakthroughs – Unique Architecture)
Laser Printed glass
Insulated glass (Advanced Technology – Prior Choice)
Drilled, milled and ground glass (Top technology – Optimum output)


For years, architects and builders have specified aluminum doors, windows and facades for their overall environmental friendliness, aesthetics and other outstanding features. SADO GROUP offers high quality and beautiful range of products meeting European standards. Our versatile and flexible products are up-to-date on all the latest market trends in order to meet clients’ needs and demands. Aluminium products of SADO GROUP ensure high thermal insulation, sound reduction and air sealing ability. The range of aluminium window and door products facilitate different opening ways: inward opening, outward opening, tilt & turn, sliding, parallel opening.

Aluminium windows
Aluminium doors
Aluminium facades